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Order online - What's it all about?

Have you seen our online ordering system, but wondering how it works? Look no further!

We are happy to unveil our new online ordering system! Here you will be able to order your food and drinks by paying in advance! So what does this mean exactly? It means that you'll be able to bypass the queue when you come to the store as your food will be made ready to order in advance - you just show your receipt and collect it!

Through our website, you will be able to order your meal, drinks and sides with the click of a button! We've even made it nice and simple so that you can deselect any of the salads or sides that you don't want included in your meal, and you can even pick which sauces you want, too!

You can now pay by simply entering your card details on our website, which will be processed through a secure payment gateway for protection and safety, and away you go! You can even link it to your facebook account so that you don't have to enter your details each time you want to make an order!

So what's the catch? There isn't one! Here at Eat a Pitta, we want to make your experience with us as smooth and enjoyable as possible, so that you only need to focus on the unrivalled flavours of our food!

We hope that this new ordering system will help people who are on their lunch break, but just don't have the time to wait in line! This way, it can become an easy transaction of ordering before you come down, show your receipt, then it's time to eat!

Our main goal is to make your ordering as simple as possible and to have the most enjoyable experience at Eat a Pitta that we can offer! Our online ordering service is available right now on the website, so don't forget to go click and collect online for your lunch!

You will also be able to taste our brand new salads: rocket, aubergine and mixed bean, or you can try our mixed pepper salad! You can also try the green chilli and mint dressing, which has already proven to be a huge hit with our customers!

We will also be updating the website to coincide with the different 'salad of the month' and the 'juice of the month', which is currently the peach and nectarine juice. This is freshly pressed for each order, and if you are near the store, you can actually see these being made at the back end of the serving stations, at the collection area.

- Please note - You can only order to collect from our Broadmead store, so if you need to go to a store nearer to you, then please either order through Deliveroo or come by and see our happy faces in the store!

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