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Broadmead is evolving

We want to make the experience with Eat a Pitta as great as possible for you, the customers. For this reason, we are looking to expand the Broadmead store.

We will be closing the store from Wednesday 17th April at 2:00PM so that we can work on the expansion, which will be the beginning of a large scale redesign of the layout of the store. We will be able to offer you a new experience at the store and we look to provide you with a faster, more efficient service!

Key Dates:

Tuesday 16th April - Store closes 7:00PM

Wednesday 17th April - Store closes at 2:00PM

Store will be closed indefinitely from this date, but please check back for updates of when it will be re-opened!

We thank you for your patience and we can't wait to share some of the new features of the store with you in the near future!

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