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Broadmead Re-opening - A Success!

Hundreds came down to Broadmead to help celebrate the opening of our new and improved Broadmead store!

Once our doors opened at 11:00am, customers came flooding in to test our new walkway feature at the store, our way of making things much easier and for customers to be able to receive their food as quickly and efficiently as possible!

As the live band played on, crowds gathered, and even danced, to some fantastic music as spirits were high throughout the day! The sun was beaming and people were able to sit out and bask in the lovely sunshine while enjoying their wholesome falafel and pittas!

With the sun came the heat, so many people found the need for a refreshing drink, which led to them testing our freshly pressed juices - all of which were also half price! As the queue grew, the Eat a Pitta crew saw it as a perfect time to give the crowd some free tasters and to try out our new mint and green chilli sauce! Debuting the new sampling tray, customers were now able to try some falafel and hummus with any of our range of sauces - so they all knew which sauce to order when they got to the front of the line!

A huge thank you must be said for everybody involved. Our tireless staff managed to work throughout such a busy time to make sure that everyone could enjoy their lunch! We are so happy that we were able to keep such a long queue happy throughout the day. Without the customers coming in troves, we wouldn't have been able to work together and raise so much money - all for the children's hospital at the Bristol Royal Infirmary. Every penny of profit from yesterday will be spent on presents and toys for the children, and that is a guarantee. For this reason, we thank everyone that came by on the day!

Another brand new feature of yesterday was our new salads! For a beautiful summer's day, we introduced a refreshing light new salsa salad to enjoy with your meal. The refreshing crunch of the peppers helps to lighten your meal! Our other debuting salad was the aubergine, rocket and mixed bean salad, which proved to be a fan favourite! This salad is a fantastic way to get more protein into your box or pitta, and comes with amazing flavours, too!

As we showcased our new mint and green chilli sauce to the queue, it appears that we are already onto a winner! Our tester sauce bottle even ran out when giving out free samples, which shows that the new sauce was a hit! These new salads and sauce add even more possibilities to your pitta or box meal combinations, helping you to revitalise your love for falafel!

So, after such a busy and fantastic re-opening, we say one last thank you to everybody involved! We wanted to thank you all for your patience while we were closed with the 50% off and we are also so happy that you have helped us raise this money for the children's hospital! It was a fantastic day for all involved and we look forward to having you all stop by again soon!

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Henry Cavil
Henry Cavil
25 ago 2022

Well, the reopening of Eat a Pitta was a huge success and I'm very with that initiative as I love their food so much. Now it's time to avail St Albans Locksmith for more information

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