At the beginning

The Eat a Pitta falafel recipe originated in Grandma Yolandes’ kitchen in the back streets of Algiers more than 80 years ago. As a kid I was always glued to my grandmothers side as she taught me how to make the perfect falafel, crispy on the outside, moist in the middle.

Where we are now

Armed with my grandma’s secret recipe and 12 years experience cooking in the restaurant business, I realised my dream in November 2011 and opened ‘eat a pitta’ in St Nicholas market in Bristol with the help of 'The Princes Trust'.

Since then we have spread the falafel love even

further with 4 more outlets in Broadmead, Gloucester rd, Queens rd & Clifton village

A wide selction of salads in bowls, with chickpeas and cous cous at the front.

Come and visit!​

Nothing made Grandma Yolande happier than seeing her treasured family tradition live on through me. Come and try our delicious falafels at Eat a Pitta today! Hopefully you will be able to taste that little bit of magic in every bite!


Founder of Eat a Pitta