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Image of Dan, the founder of Eat a Pitta

dan levy



kostas Giannakopoulos



Fanny Moreno 
HR manager


Jonty Fletcher 


sunny kainth

production manager

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Paul Harryman

Production Manager


Image of Will, the Jr Operations Manager

Jayk Joul
Area manager 


Image of Will, the Jr Operations Manager
Image of Will, the Jr Operations Manager

Asia Juszkiewicz
Broadmead store manager

Sean Rossiter
Queens store manager


Image of Will, the Jr Operations Manager

susana Gonzalez 
ST Nicholas market store manager

Image of Will, the Jr Operations Manager

Aiste macerinske 

Gloucester rd store manager


Image of Will, the Jr Operations Manager

Andrea Bermejo
 village store manager


Things we love


here at eat a pitta we strive to be environmentally friendly and want to play our part in preserving our beautiful planet for future generations to enjoy. Thats why 99% of our packaging is fully compostable and 100% of the energy we use is from renewable sources. We believe that food waste should be a 'thing of the past' and work hard with our partners to achieve our goal of a zero waste policy.


Why we use Vegware


as part of our push to preserve the environment, we are 99% plastic free (and pushing for the other 1%). we partner with vegware to bring you fully compostable packaging. our boxes, bags, forks, straws, juice cups and lids are all made from compostable materials which have a 0% negative effect on the environment.

Let's hear it for vegware!!

A hummus bowl with falafel and salad

We are proud of the fact that we only use energy generated from wind, solar or wave courtesy of bulb. 

There really is no excuse not to.

We hope you agree!

We only use energy from renewable sources

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download the app, become a food waste warrior and join us in our fight to tackle food waste today! Grab yourself a bargain and rescue some delicious food from being thrown away. It's a win, win, win for everybody!

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Acts of Kindness

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At eat a pitta, we've always had the same philosophy - if you can, work to give back to the community. We all love bristol, so we are constantly looking at new ways to help make our lovely city a better place! To keep up to date on which cause we're working with, please check our news blog!