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Raising Money for Bristol Children's Hospital

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Eat a Pitta are working with Bristol Children’s Hospital charity, The Grand Appeal to provide toys for the children at the hospital!

Much like our drive to help keep the homeless warm during the harsh winter that we just endured, we have now turned our attention to help the children of Bristol Children’s Hospital in any way that we can!

Recently, here at Eat a Pitta, we set up a small team of volunteers within our company that wanted to make a difference and give back to the community in Bristol. For this reason, we are now working on helping to bring some joy to the children undergoing treatment in hospital!

You may remember our recent reopening of the fantastic new Broadmead store in the heart of the city, where we worked with you, the customers to raise money in the store on that day. With the help of your business, we managed to serve hundreds with all of the profits made on that day going to the fundraising for the children's hospital! That means that all of your spending on that day will go directly to buying the toys for these children.

But we haven't stopped there - we are working with the local charity, The Grand Appeal, to continue raising more money for the children's hospital until the 18th August! You can find branded collection tins at any of our stores from Monday the 17th of June, just look out for the Wallace and Gromit logo on them for The Grand Appeal! These will be placed there for the entire month for you to place your donations, and they will then be added to the existing funds raised to buy the toys for the children!

We can guarantee that every single penny raised will be spent on toys and presents for the hospital, specifically the Children’s Cancer Unit. On the unit there are children ranging from newborns all the way to seventeen year olds who are often kept in the hospital for up to three months at a time during their treatments. The presents that we will purchase for the unit come from a specific list provided to us by the hospital, and will be suited to children of all ages in the hospital so that we can help and improve the time spent by each of the children in the hospital. These presents will be handed out on a day when we arrive, but some of the presents will also be stored and used for the children's birthdays, milestones in their treatment and progress, and any days where children are feeling upset/vulnerable or anxious about their treatment and need cheering up.

We would love your help on this drive as we look to give back to the community in Bristol so that we can help as many children as we possibly can! After the fundraising drive has finished, we will be arranging a date where we can go down to the Children's Hospital to hand out some toys to the children to bring some smiles on their faces! We can't wait to share this with you as it will be a lovely day where we can see the effects of the fundraising!

Want to find out more? Feel free to contact us or find out more by going to

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