Fundraiser update - Live music, donation updates and more!

Staff at Eat a Pitta will work to bring you live music - played by us!

Live music

You can look forward to a fantastic fundraising event which will bring to you! Our very own Eat a Pitta staff will be performing a fundraising gig on 5th august at the stable at 19:00-23:00. All proceeds made on the night will be going towards our donation drive for The Grand Appeal!

We would love as many people as possible to come down, share our joy and enjoy some live music as many of our wonderfully talented staff bravely take the stage! You can expect a wide range of genres, from balkan hip-hop, live sitar to a plethora of acoustic music!

The donation drive - Toyville is now a collection point!

As well as our local shops, if people are interested in dropping donations to Toyville south of the river in Bedminster for us, they are collecting for us too. We must reiterate that all toys must be brand new. You can look at our approved list online here. You can also purchase a toy from the store and they will keep it there at Toyville for collection by Eat a Pitta on the 30th of August!

The address for the Toyville location is 20 North St, Bristol BS3 1HW and they close at 6pm on weekdays.

Please check back for more information in the future!

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